Of rebellions

When a system fails the very people it is meant to govern, it becomes imperative that it be replaced by a structure which works and protects society. History is strewn with examples of uprisings, rebellions, and revolts – a direct consequence of the discontentment and displeasure of the populace over systematic administrative and social failures. The inability of a government or any system of administration to recognize and respect the fact that it exists simply to protect and serve its people, combined with methodical abuse of the exclusivity of power, will lead the masses to rebel and repel the established order. It is in this context, that I believe the Jan Lokpal movement has opened a new chapter in India’s history. I do not know if the Bill will become a reality or how effective it will prove against corruption, but this movement has issued a stern warning to the political clique, one that gently reminds them of the neglect and disdain with which those in the corridors of power in New Delhi have administered this nation.