Postcards from the Spiti Valley

IMG_9860 (2)

This picture was taken at Langza, a small hamlet near Kaza. This village and the area around it are home to fossils of marine plants and animals.


IMG_9857 (2)

The Fossil Village – as Langza is also known – is home to about 120 people. The main sources of income are agriculture and tourism.


Devoid of any vegetation, the limestone-rich mountains of the Upper Himalayas are a hallmark of the Spiti valley and its harsh environs.



This picture was taken at Kunzum Pass (~4600m), en route to Kaza. The bumpy ride to Kunzum will take you through Manali, over Rohtang and Chatru along the Chandra river.



This picture was taken a couple of hours before we reached Kunzum. Spiti is home to some of the most barren and beautiful landscapes in the world.


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