The Privilege Bias

I remember being a part of a debate in college in 2006 when the government had introduced reservations in institutions of higher education such as the IITs and the IIMs. I was a part of a team opposed to the prospect, and my argument at that point in time was that by doing this, the government was compromising on the kind and quality of students who studied at these schools. Instead, why not focus on grassroot education, I argued. Or work towards providing equal opportunities – specifically access to resources – that would enable students to do well in entrance exams, regardless of factors such as religion, caste, and gender. Continue reading

Alright, alright, alright!

There’s always going to someone with a better house… Someone with more money. Someone who gets the opportunities that you’ve wanted and coveted and chased for the better part of your adult life. There’s always going to be someone to compete with… It doesn’t matter where you go. Or what stage and age you are at in life. You’re going to find someone you’ll despise and engage with in a zero-sum game. How does one deal with this? I don’t have an answer yet and I’m making it up as I go along… I keep telling myself that if I keep my head down and work hard, it’ll fall in place. But there are times when it gets incredibly difficult to hold on to this belief… Especially for someone with a predisposition like mine. What if it never happens? What if I spend my entire life working towards something and at the end of it, I realize that it was only a mirage? What if this is all that I’m supposed to be? Continue reading